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Our engineers can bring your vision to “live”! Contact us today to find out how we can solve all your audio production needs.
Take the guesswork out of audio/visual system design and installation. Our trained consultants will guide you through the ins-and-outs of sound reinforcement and commercial AV systems so you can make the right decisions, the first time.
Need a few pieces of equipment to get you through your next meeting or event? Already have a qualified sound technician, but lack essential gear? Have no fear! We can provide you short-term rentals of core and/or supplemental system components to keep your event moving along.
Sure, you could probably cobble together a new audio system and cram it into your existing space. But, there’s nothing like having a professional carefully select and install the perfect components as part of a thoughtfully-designed and tailor-made system. Contact us before you start your next audio/visual installation or upgrade, and let us deal with matching amplifiers to speakers, selecting the proper crossover, running the appropriate cabling types and gauges, tuning your room, hanging speakers and projectors, constructing stages and sound booths, and much more!
Have equipment on the fritz, but can’t bear to part with it? Let our skilled technicians expertly repair your system components so you can keep your cherished gear in service.
What you hear onstage is every bit as important as what the audience hears. (In fact, it may be more so.) Without proper monitoring and stage amplification, you might find yourself lost during your next event, or worse, cause the audience to wish you were lip-syncing! Friends don’t let friends perform without monitors. So, appoint us as your designated engineers today!
What do the following have in common: A pastor’s blessing, a couple’s vows, the best man’s toast, a musician’s new song, the boss’ awards presentation, the reading of winning raffle tickets? None of these are quite as meaningful if they can’t be heard.

Don’t take a chance with your once-in-a-lifetime events by neglecting your sound reinforcement needs or by hiring inadequate audio personnel. (Contrary to popular opinion, being able to push play on an iPod, does not qualify you to engineer live sound.) :-)

Don’t make your audience lean dangerously forward in their seats; and don’t make the good people at the bingo hall have to check their hearing aids. Do yourself and everyone at your function a favor, contact the professionals at Forte Audio to ensure your next special event is a success.

Want to know a secret? We are an authorized dealer of practically every major manufacturer of professional audio equipment available.

Want to know another secret? We can beat pretty much everyone’s prices on the same exact, brand-spankin’ new gear with full manufacturer’s warranties.

So, now that the secret’s out, how about giving us a call and letting us amaze you with our super-secret pricing, that’s too low to print, and barely legal to utter.

Do you have an audio/visual need that we haven’t covered here? No problem! We just didn’t want to overwhelm you with all we’re capable of. (And, frankly, some things are better left to the imagination.) So, contact us today and let us know your specific requirements, and we’ll be more than happy to provide you a free, customized quote. We might even put a smile on your face, for no additional charge.